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Frequently Asked Questions

As it is a group buy seo tool service, we provide shared accounts (Limited & Managed), but your searched data will be secure in our platform. We are trying our best to update our security, and MojoSEOtools is a fully security-focused group buy tool service.

We provide you the tool’s through 2 differnets methods, first one -access directly by just installing MojoSEOtools’s official chrome extensions, And 2nd one, access tools through one click.

Yes, We give refund if our tools doesn’t work more than 3 days. You can initiate your refund using the ticket system and Via Live chat. Our customer executive will help you out.

Yes, there are limitations to some of the Group buy SEO tools. We block bulk features such as APIs, OpenApps etc. in some of the SEO tools in order to prevent abuse. All these accounts are shared SEO Group Buy Tools accounts and are meant mainly for light to medium usage. We would not allow any single customer to abuse the account resulting problems for the rest of the customers. For normal users, these SEO group buy accounts work perfectly fine.

We only allow one user per account. Remember you have to use One ISP to access our service; otherwise, you will be blocked by our automated system. However, you can raise a review from our live chat platform. Our team will manually review your account. No VPNs, RDPs are allowed in our system. Also anykind of reverse engineering may cause account suspension.

Sorry to say, NO! You can’t use one account on different ISP or Location. You have to purchase two accounts to access from home and office. If you try to use one account from a different location, you will be permanently banned from our platform.